Welcome to Taxes365.com and I & B Tax Solutions Homepage !

Today I decided to post this website for my own gain and also for those who will need a good tax preparer !

Welcome to my website Taxes365 !

My company was founded about 10 years ago on IRS.Gov as a link to my contact info only. Since inception, the Internal Revenue Service has implemented a program for tax preparers just like me.

You probably met one or two Tax Practitioners over the years. I personally have been doing taxes since the days of handwritten tax forms were standard operating protocol. Nowadays, Internal Revenue Service requires that taxes be E-Filed.  As such; Internal Revenue Service created two programs :

1. E-File Provider Program

2. PTIN-ERO – Paid Tax Identification Number / Enrolled Agent Program for qualified Tax Practitioners such as myself !

The ERO designation was also created¬† in lieu of the PTIN pre-requirement and upon registration for the IRS Tax Preparer Program. All ERO and PTIN agents have a EFIN # for filing taxpayers documents as a tracking method. Some ERO’s use their own SS # instead.

When a taxpayer needs to file for a refund or pay a tax lien, they need to know that their being treated fairly ! Also, we tax preparers have to go through class training on tax matters for each coming year. Good tax preparers are actively pursuing their careers with this in mind. With such topics as Federal, State tax compliance and record keeping requirements etc, we tax professionals are really “Examiners” for your business and the IRS’s business ! We have to reach a balance and fair solution for your business as well as the Federal and State obligations. Of course we factor in your the taxpayers criteria for their personal and their business concerns acceptable to federal and state guidelines.

With this introduction in mind, let us forge a working relationship around your business and personal wealth building. I am here to assist in your life success and your goals to improve your financial wealth and well being !


Michael T Messina / President – CEO Taxes365.com / I & B Tax Solutions Inc.

Please feel free to call me for a confidential appointment to discuss your business developments. If I can’t answer your question intelligibly, I may refer you to someone who knows the area of discussion. My business is “Tax Related Matters” and how to collect the data needed to send to IRS and what forms you will need to file and when the filing is due.